Things to consider when booking your wedding car:


  • Do you have a theme to your wedding? For example a modern Rolls Royce Phantom III wouldn’t look right with a vintage 40’s style wedding theme, a simple detail which many people overlook.
  • So you have decided that you want to arrive in a vintage or classic vehicle, now you need to think about the finer details. Check the doors open wide enough to allow comfortable access for the Bride and that all important dress. Many cars from the 40’s, 30’s and earlier have doors that open backwards compared to modern cars which allow the bride to alight the vehicle elegantly. Always try getting in and out of the car you like. This applies to the groom too as head or legroom can be limited with certain styles.
  • Convertible, Tourer or Landaulette type cars are open roofed and you need to consider the British weather with this style of car. In almost all cases any speed over 20mph will cause hair, veils, hats and dresses to be blown around considerably. In most cases the chauffeur will only travel 100 yards or so from leaving the ceremony before he closes the roof and reopens the roof for the last 100 yards before arriving at your reception, for photo opportunities.  Always try getting in and out of the car with the roof closed and check there is sufficient headroom, as space is often limited when the roof is closed.
  • The colour of your car can be important. Classic White, Black over Ivory or Silver are by far the most popular neutral colours. These wedding car colours are stylish without taking the attention away from the dresses of the Bride and Bridesmaids. Coordinating the ribbons, bows and floral displays with Bridesmaids dresses or bridal bouquet is a nice detail.
  • If you have a long transfer between wedding venues, for example the ceremony and reception, remember that some very old cars aren’t the most comfortable. Also the time of the transfer should be considered, this can be paramount if a single car is being used for a trip with attendants and then a second journey for the Bride. Some pre-2nd WW cars aren’t always suitable for evening transfers.
  • Photo opportunities – BRF Classic Cars always set up ‘Just Married’ shots before leaving the ceremony and a champagne toast picture. Always make sure your photographer gets plenty of shots of you alighting the car and posing with your chosen car.
  • Charges vary from one supplier to another but key points to check are
    – Is the car booked just for you on your day so you aren’t rushed.
    – Are there time or mileage restrictions, what if we go over?
    – Is there a charge for ribbons, bows, floral displays and a bottle of fizz.
  • Safety; many cars built prior to 1983 do not have and do not by law need to have seat belts fitted. Children under 16 need parental consent to travel and children under 3yrs cannot travel at all if seat belts aren’t fitted. Cars built prior to 1964 do not legally need to have an MOT but BRF Classic Cars MOT all their vehicles regardless of age. All transport Companies should carry insurance and public liability insurance for the peace of mind of all their passengers, check your provider has cover.

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